Knowledgebase - Motorola 16 Digit

    This service will return the 16 digit code instantly rather than waiting on the 1-2 business day Motorola method if the phone is supported.

    Models Supported:
    A45ECO for Dominican Republic: 3546410337..
    A45ECO for Dominican Republic: 3546410338..
    A45ECO for Dominican Republic: 3546410340..
    A45ECO for Peru: 3546410334..
    A853 for Telus Canada: 358336030..
    E8 for Tmobile USA: 35398002..
    MB502 for Telus Canada: 35203..
    MB502 for Tmobile USA: 35203..
    MB508 for Tmobile USA: 35833303..
    MB511 for Canada: 35229403..
    MB511 for Tmobile USA: 35834203..
    MB520 for USA: 351573..
    MB520 for USA: 351574..
    MB525 for Tmobile USA: 35157504..
    MB611 for Tmobile USA: 35277904..
    QA1 for AT&T USA: 3522990302..
    V3I for Tmobile USA: 352033040..
    V9 for France Orange: 35488702..
    V9x for AT&T USA: 35248102..
    XT720 Videotron for Canada: 3527930400..
    Zn5 for Tmobile USA: 35248002..
    Other 16 digit USA, Canada, or Latin America phones..

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