IMEI Service

This service returns one single code. If you don't know the MEP of the phone follow the following set of instructions:


1. Access the “Help Me” menu by pressing ALT CAPS H (hold at the same time) from main menu.

For Pearl and other Sure-type phones press and hold the ALT key (Bottom left) and type E A C E

For Storm, hold the BACK arrow, and tap the screen in the following areas: TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT, TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT.

2. Find the following 3 pieces of information:

a) Blackberry device PIN :
ie: cc414bfc

b) App Version :
ie: (233)

c) Uptime :
ie: 908208

3. Enter the information above at this site and to get your Key code:

4 Type the Key code in blackberry from the Help Me menu (refer to step 1)
*Remember to press ALT button for the numbers (ie. if Key is 1A2B, need to press ALT+1, A, ALT+2, B)
You won't see anything on the screen as the key is being typed.
If nothing happens, go back and reinput the Uptime and App Version that you see in the Help Me menu

5. Open the 'OS Engineering Screens‘ and go to 'device information'
Please scroll down and find MEP that is on there.

Input the MEP information MEP-XXXXX-XXX

Submit the order by placing the IMEI and ing the MEP as listed on the software.

Price : $5USD
Delivery Time : Instant