IMEI Service

DB : These codes are retrieved from a database. If the code is not available, the order will come back as not found and your account will be refunded.

Information : This service will unlock any HTC USA or UK phones. If the code returns as HTC 2013, use the service on the websited labeled as: HTC Supernew Slow (2013-2014 Devices). There are exceptions to which models that are NOT SUPPORTED.

Codes Received: You will be receiving multiple codes, the code you will be using is the one labeled Unlock.

Example Devices: HTC One, HTC Inspire, & any other models supported

Instructions: Please be sure before ordering to see if your phone prompts for an unlock code prior to ordering your unlock code. For HTC devices that would be inserting an incorrect carrier SIM chip and turning on the device.

Not supported:

- HTC LATIN PHONES (Any phone from mexico, PR, or any other country in central and south america)

- ANY devices starting with 9900 for the IMEI

- Verizon (such as HTC Thunderbolt or Rezound)

- Sprint

- US Cellular

Turnaround: 1-15 minutes

Price : $2.75USD
Delivery Time : 1-15 Minutes